Day Trip to Terre Bleu Lavender Farm



Earlier this month my friend and I went to Terre Bleu Lavender Farm in Milton, Ontario.  This farm is dedicated to the growth and harvest of lavender plants.  It is a bit of an unexpected tourist location, but people drive for hours to visit Terre Bleu because of its beauty, fragrance, and peaceful environment.


At the farm they let you walk through their fields amongst the lavender plants.  When we visited, in late July/early August, the lavender was at its peak of the season.  There were a lot of people visiting the farm too!


The lavender plants smelled so good!  Lavender is known for helping people to relax and is said to be very helpful when you are trying to sleep.  In the gift shop of the farm, there are teddy bears for sale that hold sachets of lavender inside of them.  The idea is that your child will hug the teddy bear, smell the lavender, and have an easier time falling asleep.


The farm has added many features to make your visit worthwhile.  If you walk along their Yellow Bench Trail, you are guided through a small group of trees before reaching the second field.


The Yellow Bench Trail is a lovely little walk in the shade.  There is even a little brooke that runs through it.


Once you emerge on the other side of the little forest, you find in the second lavender field a yellow door.  This does seem rather strange at first, but it does create a beautiful landscape.


There is a quote that they put on the doorframe that says “Walk through the door, your worries behind you, your joys are ahead.”



This farm sells products that use their dried lavender as well as lavender honey that they make themselves.


Bees are very attracted to lavender plants so if you have an allergy to beestings (or are sensitive to perfume scents) this might not be the best destination for you.


One of the best parts of Terre Bleu is that they also sell lavender ice cream and lemonade! Unfortunately, by the time we got to the farm the ice cream was sold out.  The lemonade was really good though and they make it with their own lavender honey.


My experience at Terre Bleu Lavender Farm was a really positive one! I absolutely loved it!  I would only suggest that you wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun and get there early in the day to beat the crowds.  It’s definitely a popular destination and it’s easy to see why!




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